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The secret to Barentsz Gin comes from a unique marriage of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat. The creamy texture of the Rye gives a longer, rounded finish. Wheat adds complexity and brings out the sweeter notes which complement the Orange Peel and our signature Exotic Jasmine Flowers. Our Pioneering Spirit is pot distilled in small batches to guarantee our distinctly smooth and superior taste.

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Willem Barentsz was a passionate Dutch explorer who would stop at nothing to discover a Northeastern trading route to China through the Artic during the Dutch Golden Age. Like our namesake, we have travelled and captured the world’s most intriguing flavours. But, we didn’t stop there. Our Founder, Michael Claessens, inspired by his own Dutch heritage has made it his mission to develop an outstanding Gin with an uncompromising passion for quality and innovation to accommodate the growing number of people who are looking for a fresher, less bitter and more refined Gin taste profile.

The result, Barentsz Gin, a Handcrafted Gin distilled from a unique marriage of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat grain. If you have been searching for a uniquely smooth Gin you have come to the right place. The creamy texture of the Rye gives a longer, rounded finish. Wheat adds complexity and brings out sweeter notes, which compliment the orange peel and our signature Exotic Jasmine Flowers.

Our secret lies in our 4 pillars:


Infused with Jasmine Flowers

Our Exotic Jasmine Flowers are inspired by Willem Barentsz’ quest for a Northeastern trading route to China by way of the Sea. Our signature botanical gives Barentsz Gin an aromatic bouquet of jasmine flowers and produces a delicate and fresh flavour.

Distinctively Smooth Spirit Foundation

A sophisticated marriage of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat grain.

In the words of our Founder;
“Barentsz is different in that we actually spent time looking at the concept of Gin from the perspective of ‘mouth feel’. It was very important to us that the harsh and often bitter reputation of Gin was overcome, in order that we could create a spirit foundation of the finest quality that was soft enough to allow for more delicate and fresh botanicals – and a Gin that could actually be enjoyed neat over ice.”


Barentsz is natural – infused with real botanicals and natural flavours for a delicate and fresh taste. Our Gin contains no artificial sweeteners and no sugar.

Small Batches

Barentsz Gin is pot distilled in small batches. This guarantees a distinctively smooth finish and a superior taste. In fact, our Jasmine Gin is so smooth you can drink it straight.

Each of these elements come together to bring you a multi-award winning Gin inspired by the Dutch, but perfected and distilled in London.

Time for a Cocktail

Now that you know almost everything that makes Barentsz Gin fabulous, let’s have a drink or two.
Try one or all of these signature cocktails to begin your own exciting Barentsz Gin journey:

Jasmine Fizz

Our first pick, a sparkling Jasmine delight, we call a Jasmine Fizz. A highball offers the perfect backdrop to this delicious cocktail.

Begin by muddling Pomelo or Grapefruit (1-2 segments) with 50ml of Barentsz Gin and 25 ml of Lemon Juice. Now for the surprises. Using shaker add 20ml of Monin Jasmine Syrup and 15ml egg white, as well as the gin, lemon juice, and citrus fruits. Strain into your highball and top with refreshing soda water and a beautiful garnish. (We recommend fragrant jasmine flowers and a pomelo peel).

The Lampery

If you fancy a scrumptious meal and some bespoke cocktails pop round to The Lampery. The elegant dining room and bar is conveniently located in the heart of London. They have taken our Craft Gin and featured it in every cocktail as the best of Gin Brands UK.

Here are some cocktails you can order while you enjoy an afternoon tea inspired by the cheeky Samuel Pepys’ decadent lifestyle.

Orange Moll

Barentsz Gin, Cointreau, Marmalade, Amaretto & an apricot liquor infusion.

Inspired by the young ladies that sold all types of exotic citrus and other fruits to the patrons of the theatre, this cocktail is a delicious and exciting treat.

Sheer Thrill

Looking for a thrill? The Lampery has created an exciting cocktail, they call Sheer Thrill. It features our Handcrafted Gin, all kinds of fun shrubs (basil, vinegar, sugar syrup, and pineapple. Electic bitters, lemon, and jasmine tea sorbet to highlight the exotic jasmine in our craft gin.

Be sure to pop into the Lampery or one of our other featured venues to enjoy Barentsz Gin.

What’s New

In case you thought that our journey was complete, we recently released our very own flavoured Gin inspired by our voyagers’ adventures along the trading route to China. This new blend of Gin infused with Mandarin and Jasmine has become the talk of the town and inspired a wonderful bevvy of signature cocktails, much like our original Handcrafted Gin.

The White Lady

As elegant as she sounds this classic gets an exciting new turn with our latest Handcrafted Gin, the Barentsz Mandarin and Jasmine gin. First a quick history lesson. Imagine the roaring ‘20’s, an American Bar, The Savoy, to be exact, and in walks a stunning blonde (famous author’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife no less). Well, that was enough to inspire Harry Craddock, the English bartender, to come up with this enchanting and petite cocktail.

Made with 2 parts gin, 1 part triple sec or Cointreau and lemon juice as well as a shaken egg white, this sophisticated drink is a head-turner. This should be placed and shaken in a chilled shaker. Once shaken add ice and shake for another minute. Strain well and pour into our Copa glass. A twist of orange adds a perfect final touch.

Golden Age

Last but not least is a cocktail we call the Golden Age. Featuring our Mandarin and Exotic Jasmine flowers, this cocktail is perfect for a special celebration for 2 or 200!

50ml Barentsz Mandarin and Jasmine
20ml Chai and Mandarin Syrup
Dash of Orange Bitters
Topped with Fever-Tree Clementine Tonic

Don’t forget the garnish! Mandarin Peel, pine cone and bloom poured into a tall cocktail glass, and voila! A perfect refreshing cocktail.

Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news at Willem Barentsz, where every day is an adventure.