4 October 2017: 170 Years of Cocktails

The Gherkin. The name may bring a smile but the sky-high restaurant and bar are serious about their food and beverages. Teaming up with Barentsz Gin, Searcys at The Gherkin, celebrated 170 years of cocktails.

With an incredible birds-eye view overlooking the heart of London, each bar at The Gherkin promises an inspiring event regardless of the occasion. This gorgeous venue isn’t all looks the food and drinks are truly remarkable. For the “170 years of Cocktails” event, Barentsz Gin was featured alongside the impressive arrangement of dishes. 

A major highlight featured a Willem Barentsz Sky High Cocktail and dessert enveloped in a showstopping cage inspired by their founder, John Searcy. Like our namesake Willem Barentsz, Searcy was an adventurer in the culinary world, experimenting with different flavour profiles and astounding people with his creations. 

A classic G&T would make a great companion for a leisure tea time at one of the many bars or add a specialty cocktail to a luxurious dinner party.

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