24 Hours in London: A Barentsz Guide for Gin Lovers

When you think of things that are quintessentially British, what comes to mind? A cuppa, Polo, and Gin to name a few? Well, it may come as a surprise then to find out each was born abroad. The humble tea bag was invented in America no less, while Polo has more Ancient roots in Persia and later India. Gin hails from Holland where the Juniper berry that provides its distinct flavour was first introduced. In fact, our premium Willem Barentsz Gin “is inspired by the Dutch and is perfected and distilled in London”. So, if you are a true gin lover and want to know which places make our list to wet your whistle in London, keep reading.

#1: Brasserie of Light 

Coming in with a bang or rather a 30 foot-wide Pegasus encrusted with crystals, this restaurant and bar is an experience, to say the least. Locals and visitors know that this is THE spot to indulge in all things lavish from mirror-topped tables to decadent cocktails. Try a Barentsz G&T with a twist or a Barentsz Martinez, the perfect cocktail before a meal. 

#2: Blake’s Hotel 

If you happen to be in South Kensington, Blake’s Hotel is a must. The Tatler has named it “the perfect date-night choice” and we couldn’t agree more. For something truly luscious try a Mandarin Martini and Marny. This Barentsz cocktail features our latest flavoured Mandarin & Jasmine Gin with Grand Marnier, and dry vermouth, garnished with a pretty orange twill. 

#3: The Drunken Monkey 

Located in Shoreditch, this dumpling house is anything but standard. They describe their world-famous eatery and bar as having a “relaxed New York vibe and Kung Fu kitsch” and we can’t get enough. Check out their dim-sum menu and enjoy a scrumptious gin cocktail. If you are lucky enough to be in London for Chinese New Year, you must order The Golden Flower. This collab cocktail features our premium Gin, Creme de Peche, Creme de Violet, orange bitters, lemon juice, and simple syrup. It’s good luck and life in a glass. 

#4: The Lampery 

With their eclectic British cuisine and contemporary design, it is no wonder that The Lampery is must-see, dine, and enjoy-venue. Their menu features quite a few of our favourite Barentsz cocktails like the Martinez mentioned previously, a 1660 which combines our premium Gin, Luxardo Limoncello, fresh grapefruit juice, raspberry puree, and Angostura bitters. They each easily complement any of their signature dishes like their steamed bao buns and crispy calamari. 

Of course, if you are enjoying their lovely Afternoon Tea, be sure to order French 75, a cocktail that features Lanson Black Label Champagne, lemon juice, and simple syrup or a Corpse Reviver #2. Don’t mind the name this drink pairs beautifully with savoury and sweet treats due to its floral Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, La Fee Absinthe Parisienne and fresh lemon juice. 

#5: The Jones Family Project 

A fairly recent collaboration and we couldn’t be more tickled. Located conveniently on Shoreditch in London, an elegant and contemporary dining room awaits. The repast includes scrumptious and sophisticated works of art. They recently wrote up a lovely piece calling our craft gin “ a delicious gin distilled from a marriage of rye and wheat grain”. 

It is also fantastic to partner with others as committed to keeping plastics out of our beautiful seas. In fact, our founder Michael Claessens “has pledged to remove from the world’s oceans an equal weight in plastic for every bottle bought”. No small feat it’s true, but we are after all Pioneers, both in name and spirit. 

#6: Tredwells 

Speaking of true pioneers, if you didn’t catch us at the “Female First” campaign celebrating which celebrated female pioneers throughout the ages, don’t be sad. Tredwells is still serving up our Jasmin-infused Gin cocktails. Soak up the sun on their lovely terrace and enjoy a Barentsz Pineapple Cooler. If you are just popping through Covent Gardens, indulge in their G&T cheesecake and ask for a lovely G&T featuring our Jasmine Gin and Violet Blossom Tonic. 

#7: Harry’s Dolce Vita 

What is better than a classic Italian meal and a cocktail? If you love authentic Italian cuisine step into Dolce Vita and order a perfect cocktail or two. Order a classic Martini or Negroni which features Barentsz Exotic Jasmine Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth. This unique cocktail makes a perfect aperitif. 

#8: The Distillery in London

One of the 4 fab bars that teamed up with us for our exciting “JasmineTrail” campaign The Distillery is nothing short of Gin-ius! They are revolutionary in the Gin world. Choose any cocktail off their menu and be sure to mention Barentsz Gin. 

#9: Tea Room at Bun House

This split-level green velvet paradise features Cantonese food and bold cocktails. Want to take an adventure? Order a Willem Barentsz Jasmine & Salted-Lime Cocktail. This bespoke cocktail features salted-lime beer, Du Kang Iaojui, Jasmine Syrup, and fresh Jasmine. Floral with a pow, this special mix has topped charts. 

#10:  Isabel 

The imagination and beauty of the Isabel are sure to delight. We love the South American and Meditteranean eclectic menu items that pair perfectly with our premium Gin. Enjoy your cocktails in a discreet lounge-bar. Enjoy an elegant Martini, a Mandarin & Jasmine Negroni, or your favourite Barentsz Gin.

How do you #Barentsz? Leave a comment below and let us know your favourite spot in London to enjoy a the Spirit of Adventure!

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