Gin of the Month by Fiona Beckett, Guardian Drinks Editor

Barentsz Gin was tickled to be featured by Fiona Beckett, writer for the Guardian, as her pick for Gin of the month. Our award-winning gin has received quite a bit of attention and awards (IWC Gold) as of late. Beckett chose to use our Gin for a classic G&T with a twist of an orange slice to enhance the floral notes from the Jasmine.

If you are a citrus lover, and who isn’t, you can now pick up a beautiful bottle or more of our new Premium Gin that features Mandarin and Jasmine. We are loving the playful flavour that still maintains our signature smoothness, thanks to golden rye and winter wheat grain. 

You don’t need to be a mixologist to ring in the new year with some impressive cocktails. Here are a few speciality drinks you can whip up yourself in a matter of minutes:

Martinis. A classic and a perfect drink when done right. The right balance of Vermouth and Barentsz Gin should be added to a chilled Martini glass with soda water and ice. A Martini should be stirred not shaken and then strained. Add a zest of orange peel for a bright finish.

Another popular pick if you really want a showstopper is our signature Negroni. Campari and Sweet Vermouth make up this elegant cocktail. Serve in a rocks glass over ice.

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