Love is in the Air…and Cocktails Are Being Served

Summer is a lovely time to have a wedding. The perfect weather, the pretty pastels, fragrant florals and of course delicious treats. Since the happy (read stressed) bride is often so busy with her dress, finding the perfect venue, and florist, we, at Barentsz Gin wanted to take out the guesswork, and present a few of our signature cocktails perfect for a summer wedding.

Barentsz Gin is a marriage (pun intended) between Golden Rye and Winter Wheat Grain infused with exotic Jasmine flowers. The creamy texture and complexity of wheat bring out the sweeter notes. Thanks to our distillation process that ensures a smooth flavour. So smooth in fact the that the Metro said: “This Jasmine Gin is so smooth you can drink it straight.”

You can use our gin to satisfy your wedding guests by offering refreshing G&T’s with a sprig of herbs to match your decor or a twist of orange to bring out the citrus notes. We also recommend some lovely cocktails that will wow your attendees and look perfect with your wedding decor. 

Try our exotic Ginger Jasmine Summer Cocktail. This refreshing drink looks beautiful in one of our Copa glasses or you can use a beer glass as well. Your bartender will enjoy whipping up these pretty cocktails for your special event. Pass on the recipe:

45ml Barentsz Gin, 25ml Creme de Peche, 25ml Ginger Syrup, 25ml of lemon juice, and 75ml cold Jasmine tea. Shaken not stirred this cocktail should be strained into the glassware of your choice with ice. A few slices of ginger and an edible flower make this cocktail perfect for your special day. The different fruity and floral notes can pair nicely with appetizers and dessert. Peach and Ginger with Jasmine tea are perfect flavour profiles for a wedding cake as well!

We received a lovely write up in bride Magazine featuring another one of our popular cocktails, the Jasmine Fizz,  as one of the top 3 best cocktails for a summer wedding. They called it an “elegant crowd-delighter” and we couldn’t be more tickled. 

To make this drink you will need Barentsz Gin, lemon juice, Jasmine Flower Syrup, egg white, Soda Water, and Pomelo or Grapefruit segments. Muddle the segments with the gin and lemon juice then shake. Choose a tall fizz glass and stir in the club soda. A delicate garnish of jasmine flowers or sliced lemon wedges. Voila! A perfect signature cocktail for a wedding at TeaTime. You can pick up Barentsz Gin at Harrod’s or order online for ease.

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