Luxuria Lifestyle ‘Gin, Gin and more Glorious Gin’

When it comes to real luxury most people think of jet-setting around the world sipping champagne along the way. Don’t spend too much time day-dreaming about the finer things in life, Luxuria Lifestyle can transport you into the very lap of epicurean delights.

The e-magazine provides a guide to all things luxury and indulgent and what guide would be complete without the finest of spirits, Gin. 

In a recent piece, Luxuria Lifestyle featured Willem Barentsz Gin as a must-have luxury item. What is it about our gin that makes it so unique? Well, As the magazine puts it, 

The secret to Barentsz Gin comes from a unique marriage of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat…Orange Peel and our signature Exotic Jasmine Flowers. 

Let’s take a quick peek into the pioneering spirit that has inspired Luxuria Lifestyle to add us to a list of decadent items for their affluent readership. 

Like our namesake, Willem Barentsz, our gin is a global traveller, picking only the most unique ingredients from the far reaches of the world. Each botanical affects the nose, palate, and finish, making our gin truly a one-of-a-kind. Here are just a few of our speciality ingredients:

Starting in the East, we add liquorice and jasmine. Inspired by the Barentsz quest to source a trading route to China, these two botanicals provide an aromatic and exotic botanical. Moving into Europe, coriander seeds from Romania and Bulgaria have been utilized to deliver the citrus undertone and spice in Barentsz Gin. 

If you are ready for your own luxurious holiday but don’t have more than a few hours, be sure to stop into one of our featured venues in London. Enjoy a signature cocktail at the award-winning Blakes Below. If you have a penchant for artistry and elegance, the Brasserie of Light is sure to inspire. Keep it simple with a Barentsz G&T as you gaze up at the 24-foot crystal encrusted Pegasus above.

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