The Spirits Business: Gin Inspired By Dutch Explorer Hits UK

The Willem Barentsz Gin Distillery has launched its namesake gin across the UK, inspired by the intrepid navigator known for seeking a passage through the Arctic during the Dutch Golden Age.

Created by Michael Claessens in 2014, Willem Barentsz Premium Gin is a split-base expression which draws inspiration from the historical Dutch origins of gin production.

The gin is crafted in small batches in London from wheat and rye grains; the “dryness” of the rye combined with the “fuller, softer” flavours of the wheat is said to give way to a “smoother, cleaner” spirit.

The new offering features nine botanicals: juniper from Macedonia, coriander seeds from Romania and Bulgaria, angelica from Poland, orange peel from Spain, almonds from Spain, liquorice from China, cassia bark from Indonesia, orris root from Italy and jasmine flowers from China – which are subsequently infused into the liquid.

Described as “sweet and aromatic” on the nose, the gin is “delicately smooth with soft citrus flamers and warm earthy tones” on the palate and offers an “elegant, dry and well-balanced” finish.

The brand boasts a range of signature serves, including the Jasmine Fizz, featuring Willem Barentsz Gin, lemon juice, jasmine flower syrup, egg white, soda, and pomelo; and The Explorer, which combines Willem Barentsz Gin, lime juice, ‘Explorer’ spice syrup, apple juice and Earl Grey tea.

Willem Barentsz Premium Gin is bottled at 43% abv and is available in 700ml bottles from Fine Wine Sellers, Direct2Bar, Amazon, The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt and Gerry’s.

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