BOE Magazine: Spring Into Gin

Bright froths of yellow daffodils in gardens; gambolling lambs; Mini Eggs in the shops; sunshine breaking through April skies – winter is almost a distant memory and spring is here! Time to ditch the spicy Riojas and change it up for something all together more fresh – and nothing epitomizes the transition into spring more than a gently sparkling Gin and Tonic, ice clinking and lime wedge bobbing about. So in honour of April, we’ve roundup up the four gins to have on your radar in the coming months.

Willem Barentsz Premium Gin

What is it? This is a gin for the adventurers – the explorers and the voyagers of the world. The spirit may be named after an iconic arctic explorer of the Dutch Golden Age, but in many other respects it’s completely modern. Willem Barentsz gin was created by Michael Claessens in 2014 and is produced in small batches in London, and it is a ‘split base’ gin, made of a combination of both wheat and rye grains. Still, the spirit of adventure permeates the drink, with its innovative approach and exciting ingredients.

What should I be looking out for? One of the key ingredients to be aware of in Willem Barentsz gin is the jasmine flower, an addition that showcases the exotic nature of the spirit. This creates extra aromatics that make it a delight in a gin and tonic or other classic cocktails – light and floral, subtle and delicate. The orange also adds a pleasant sweetness, and be prepared for a crisp mouthfeel from the wheat and a superb depth from the rye.

What’s the perfect serve: Try this gin in a martini – it’s elegant and smooth enough to handle it. A dried jasmine flower as garnish will help release the scent and flavour, while also looking pretty gorgeous.

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