Hot on The (Jasmine) Trail

A treasure map and four of the hottest bars? If you think this is a recipe for a wickedly enjoyable evening you would be right. The Jasmine Trail was a fresh take on promoting our jasmine-infused gin as people trekked their way to London’s snazziest pubs.

Thanks to the good sport and spirit (pun intended), The Graphic Bar in Soho, The Distillery in Notting Hill, TT Liquor in Shoreditch, and 214 in Bermondsey all featured Barentsz Gin. Everyone had such a fab night out on the town and we got a load of hilarious pictures tweeted in. 

If you missed the fun, don’t fret. Barentsz can be spotted at your favourite pubs and perhaps some new venues you haven’t popped into yet. Here are a few fab spots you can go to fix your itch for a great Gin cocktail:

The Capital Hotel of Knightsbridge 

The award-winning boutique hotel features various cocktails using our premium crafted Gin. Order a classic like a Gin and Tonic or if you are feeling more adventurous, try a Scarlet & Purple. The addition of Lillet Blanc, Lavender Syrup and Lychee will excite the palate and complement a sweet treat from the Capital Hotel menu. 

TT Liquor in Shoreditch 

If you find yourself in Hackney, you would be remiss to not pop-in to this unique bar that features a street-level store and underground bar. Take a cocktail-making class to really wow your guests with a Gin creation of your choice. 

Stay tuned for more exciting events brought to you by Barentsz.

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