The Multi-Award Winning Spirits Retailer, Master of Malt Welcome Barentsz Mandarin and Jasmine

We were so pleased to see the recent welcome of our Mandarin and Jasmine gin. Master of Malt, a multi-award winning spirits retailer rolled out the red carpet and added our latest premium gin to the fold. 

What makes our Mandarin and Jasmine gin so newsworthy is its unique flavour combinations created by a bevvy of carefully sourced and curated botanicals from around the world. Like our namesake, Willem Barentsz, we travelled the world looking for the best to bring back home to England. 

Although our flavours are distinct they perfectly complement the traditional cocktails enjoyed by all. Here are just a few of the exotic botanicals we use to exude that premium crafted gin flavour. 

Jasmine – This fragrant and delicate white flower is found throughout China on the Northeastern trading route, our namesake travelled in hopes of bringing trade over. Jasmine is fragrant and refined creating a delicate and fresh finish. 

Juniper – what is Gin without its Juniper? This delicate berry provides that signature gin taste but Barentsz uses only the best from Macedonia in a balanced quantity for subtlety.

Adding Mandarin plucks these lovely notes perfectly in time for the Christmas season. Cocktails are a great way to showcase our gin but Barentsz is also distilled in small batches so it is so smooth you can drink it neat or with a subtle twist.

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