Tredwells Jasmine Terrace with Willem Barentsz

With the hottest temperatures on record, be sure to soak up the summer sun on Tredwells new Jasmine Terrace, inspired by Willem Barentsz’ unique floral infusion and signature botanical, exotic jasmine.

This alfresco dining space is located in the heart of Covent Garden and ideal for a spot of lunch or sipping on a cocktail or two as you watch the hustle and bustle of London pass by.

Tredwells has received multiple awards including winning London’s Restaurant of the Year. Known for their seasonal delights and drinks, their menu is constantly changing with the seasons and global inspiration. For a private dining experience, you can select from one of their beautiful dining rooms, a beautiful mezzanine to a spacious lower floor with its own private bar. The Tredwell features an incredible array of expertly crafted dishes that pair perfectly with a range of different alcoholic beverages.

The team at Tredwells have designed two new gin cocktails to be enjoyed on the terrace throughout the summer — the refreshing Ginger Jasmine and the enticing Barentsz Pineapple Cooler. Both can be enjoyed with savoury or sweet dishes. Our favourites include some scrumptious treats, like the Fig Leaf Panna Cotta and the Cod cheeks with Celeriac Root. Both pair well with the floral and citrus elements in our Premium Craft Gin.

Our summer partnership with Tredwells exceeded all expectation. The summer terrace was transformed into a Jasmine infused wonderland inspired by our unique botanicals. As you busk in the summer sun and enjoy a light bite to eat, notice the Jasmine Terrace installation is complemented throughout by our distinctive brand colour inspired by the sea, ‘Willem Barentsz Marine’. 

We were so honoured to be apart of the ‘Female First” campaign. As part of our mission to inspire the pioneering spirit within all of us, the Jasmine Terrace design by agency Lisa Tse Ltd features a campaign, celebrating pioneering women in history. 

Want to capture this in the comfort of your own home, perhaps even throw your own ‘Female First’ event? Create cards with the names and bio of famous female pioneers and add some great treats. Then serve our Pineapple Cooler or other Barentsz Cocktails for a party your friends won’t stop talking about. 

 Here is the recipe for our Barentsz Pineapple Cooler:

In addition to our, Jasmine infused Barentsz Gin (50ml) You will need Pineapple Juice (50ml), Orgeat Syrup (a syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water) (25ml), and lemon juice (25ml).

Muddle some celery in a glass and add all of the ingredients listed above. Shake and then double strain into a highball over crushed ice. A bit of mint and a slice of apple is the perfect garnish to add to this refreshing summer cocktail. 

Enjoy this cocktail at home or at Tredwells for an unforgettable experience.

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