What’s New at Harrods? Take a Peek

Is there anything more English than Harrods. Well, perhaps one thing, the quintessential British Spirit. Harrods recently featured Barentsz Gin in its award-winning magazine that is all things luxury.

This recent spread featured our unique handcrafted Jasmine Gin. We source our botanicals that make our gin so unique and smooth from all over the world. Each bottle is inspired by the unique pioneering spirit of our namesake, Willem Barentsz. 

If you are looking for a luxury gift to treat your friends or yourself this holiday look no further. With the New Year around the corner, take a look at our selection as we recently released our Mandarin and Jasmine Gin. The bright citrus notes and vibrant orange packaging are perfect for the Christmas season. For complete luxury, create one of our romantic cocktails and pair it with some holiday canapes or decadent chocolates. 

One of our favourite cocktails is the Scarlet & Purple :

This floral cocktail will wow with its sprig of aromatic lavender in Sour Coupe glass. The cocktail features Lillet Blanc, Lavender Syrup, Lychee Juice, and our Signature Jasmine Gin  

You can purchase our unique blend of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat Gin in-store or online at Harrods. 

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