Win a Skydiving Adventure with ‘The Flight Club’ Competition

Calling all high-flying bartenders and mixologists!
‘The Flight Club’ Competition is now open to entries.

Entry Deadline: 23rd May, 2017
Competition Date: 30th May, 2017

In keeping with the spirit of adventure and derring-do, we are inviting all bartenders and mixologits to create a cocktail inspired by your own vision of a great adventure. This will obviously be different for everyone – one person might consider climbing Everest to the be the ultimate adventure, for someone else it could be touring the world with a band. The important thing here is to identify your own vision, then create a cocktail that somehow expresses it.

Once the entry deadline has passed, the cocktails will be made and tasted, and six finalists invited to compete for a judging panel comprising of BarLifeUK, Emma Stokes (aka Gin Monkey), and Founder Michael Claessens. The ultimate winner will spend a day being spoiled with top-notch hospitality before climbing into an aeroplane with Michael Claessens, and once a suitable altitude is achieved, they will then jump out of it (strapped to someone who knows one end of a parachute from the other, naturally).

We will pay for the travel of anyone coming to the competition from outside London. Also, anyone wishing to sample Willem Barentsz Gin can request a miniature by sending an email to Lucy Francis at

For rules and entry please visit

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