Barentsz Gin Cocktails
Barentsz Gin Cocktails
Barentsz on the Rocks
Barentsz on the Rocks

Barentsz with a Twist of Orange

"This jasmine gin is so smooth you can drink it straight" - METRO

Enjoy Barentsz Gin straight and smooth


50ml Barentsz Gin

How to Make

Barentsz Gin over ice with a twist of orange

Barentsz Gin & Tonic
Barentsz Gin & Tonic

Barentsz & Tonic

A delicious G&T with a twist of orange, partnered with Fever Tree naturally light tonic or 1724 tonic. Perfect all year round.


40ml Barentsz Gin
150ml Tonic

How to Make

Garnish: Orange Twist
Glassware: Highball
Method: Build ingredients into glassware then add the garnish.

Created by Jean Vital

Barentsz Martini
Barentsz Martini

Barentsz Martini

Stir up a classic martini with Barentsz gin.


50ml Barentsz Gin
10ml Dry Vermouth

How to Make

Chill a martini glass with soda water and ice. Fill a mixing glass to the top with ice. Add the dry vermouth and stir to coat the ice. Drain to leave just the coating on the ice. Add the gin and stir. Fine strain into the martini glass. Zest with orange peel and garnish with an orange twist.

Barentsz Negroni
Barentsz Negroni

Barentsz Negroni

An refreshingly bitter and easy to make classic.


30ml Barentsz Gin
30ml Campari
30ml Sweet Vermouth

How to Make

Garnish: Orange peel
Glassware: Rocks
Method: Add all the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with an orange peel.

Barentsz Martinez
Barentsz Martinez

Barentsz Martinez

The Martinez is a cousin of the Manhattan, it is a brilliant aperitivo cocktail. Recommended for someone who finds Negroni too bitter.


1 part Barentsz Gin
1 part Sweet Vermouth
1 bar spoon of Luxardo Maraschino
2 dashes Angostura Bitters

How to Make

Garnish: Expressed Orange Peel
Glassware: Up (Coupette, Martini, Pony)
Method: Stir in glassware then add the garnish.

Barentsz Scarlet & Purple
Barentsz Scarlet & Purple

Scarlet & Purple


50ml Barentsz Gin
15ml Lillet Blanc
15ml Lavender Syrup
20ml Lime Juice
50ml Lychee Juice

How to Make

Garnish: Lavender bouquet + mini peg
Method: Shake
Vessel: Sour Coupe

Viola True Love
Viola True Love

Viola True Love


50ml Barentsz Gin
125ml Violet Blossom Tonic (Artisan Tonic)

How to Make

Garnish: Lime & Violet Flower

Here are some more of the Best Gin Cocktails to add to your repertoire…

Barentsz Gimlet

The name may sound like something cheeky, but this simple bright cocktail is a refreshing treat.

A simple gimlet usually has sweetened lime juice and gin, but where is the adventure in that?

For the Pioneering Spirit, we recommend the following creation from Gin with Benefits:

Featuring Willem Barentsz Exotic Jasmine Gin, Lime and Pink Cordial this gimlet is a head-turner.

Green and Pleasant Land

Care for some bubble? You will love our Handcrafted Gin with elderflower cordial, lime, cucumber, and Prosecco. Order one at The Jones Family Kitchen.
One of the newest and best gin cocktails out there right now features our latest offering, Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine, a crafted gin with an undeniable bright citrus flavour.

Barentsz Mandarin Martini and Marny

Country and Townhouse did a lovely feature sharing their favourite, a Barentsz Mandarin Martini and Marny.

When it comes to easy gin cocktails this one makes the list but the sophisticated flavour profile offers amazing complexity. Pour 55ml Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine gin, 15ml Triple Sec, and 15ml Dry Vermouth into a shaker that is half full of cracked ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an orange twist, and voila! An elegant and fragrant gin cocktail.


Now that you have a decent repertoire of the best gin cocktails under your belt, we have answered some of your top FAQ’s, that you were too shy to ask the barkeep:

1. What mixes well with gin?

Gin has gained much of its popularity because it is so versatile. It pairs perfectly with citruses such as grapefruit and mandarin. You can also pair gin with spicy ingredients such as ginger or chai or various herbs such as rosemary and basil. Of course, tonic is a classic for a perfect G&T.

2. What foods pair well with gin?

Gin pairs well with some surprising dishes. A G&T is a perfect match for some perfectly cured smoked salmon, tea sandwiches and even rich cheeses. Celebrity chef, Val Warner, highly recommends gin pairings with everything from light fish dishes to rich desserts.

3. Can I mix gin and water?

A splash of soda water is all you need to make easy gin cocktails. The soda adds a nice bubble and a gin that can stand on its own like Barentsz Jasmine Gin will do well with soda water and ice.

4. How do you make gin taste better (not bitter)?

This is one of the main questions that inspired our founder, Michael Claessens. He actually discovered that a marriage between Golden Rye and Winter Wheat distilled in small batches guarantees a distinctively smooth and superior taste.

5. What should never be mixed with gin?

For the most part, almost anything can be mixed well with Gin if you use quality ingredients and of course, a Handcrafted Gin brand.

6. When to stir?

There are 3 predominant reasons to stir your cocktail: combine ingredients harmoniously, to chill the drink or to dilute a drink to help integrate different flavours. A Martini should be stirred (sorry James Bond 😉 Why? Shaking will dilute your martini making it weak. Another classic cocktail that should be stirred is a Negroni. Barentsz Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth – Strained

7. When to shake?

Shaking still has its place, however. Follow this simple guideline: The best gin cocktails often feature fruit juice, cream, or eggs. Like our signature cocktail, the Scarlet & Purple which features lime and lychee juice or our Jasmine Fizz with its elegant egg white gets a good shake.

8. Is a garnish just for decoration?

It definitely adds a lovely and memorable decoration but it can also complement or enhance the flavours inside. For example, our classic Barentsz G&T has an orange twist that opens up the floral notes of the exotic jasmine and orange peel infused in our Handcrafted Gin.

9. What are some easy gin cocktails for a Christmas party?

The best gin cocktails for the winter season range from cocktails that feature traditional winter flavours such as cranberry, chai, fluffed egg white, rosemary, and of course citrus. Try a pretty Martini using our new flavoured Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin, Trips Sec (Grand Marnier), Dry Vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters. Add an orange twist for an elegant garnish. Another beautiful cocktail created by @SocialGinGirl is Citrus & Gratitude. It features our Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin, Cranberry Liqueur, Clementine Juice, Syrups Mate & Mint Syrup, and 2 dashes of orange bitters. A dehydrated clementine wheel, fresh mint, and cranberry add the final touch to this Christmas treat.

10. Is a gin cocktail good to serve at a wedding?

Yes. Gin cocktails not only work well at weddings but Gin has become a growing trend for every celebration. The best gin cocktails for weddings tend to feature the theme or colour palette of your event. A hibiscus gin sour looks lovely at a summer wedding featuring Barentsz Jasmine Gin and dried hibiscus for a beautiful pink colour as well as fragrant floral notes. You can serve it alongside an Italian Greyhound with Aperol and Fresh Grapefruit Juice this is sure to make your wedding a hit. For autumn or winter weddings “51 shades” make a beautiful offering. This elegant gin cocktail features Willem Barentsz Jasmine Gin, honey-lavender syrup, lemon juice, Violette liqueur, prosecco, egg white, and teapot bitters. Lavender makes a lovely garnish and complement to the botanicals in our Handcrafted Gin.

11. Are all gins Gluten-Free?

As per the National Institute of Health, Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign distilled alcohol is inherently gluten-free. Still, always check with your GP if you have concerns.

12. Is Gin a good choice for vegans?

Yes! Being vegan does not mean missing out on the best gin cocktails! Many of our cocktails are vegan-friendly. Make your own Vegan Gin Fizz with aquafaba instead of egg whites or try a French 75, featuring Champagne, lemon juice, golden caster sugar, and of course our craft gin.

13. What gin cocktails work for a summer party?

Cool and refreshing cocktails are perfect for a summer event. Our Jasmine Fizz was a huge hit at the Aubaine Summer Terrace honouring pioneering women. We also created a bespoke G&T for the occasion featuring lemon and black pepper.

14. Is gin a good drink for afternoon tea?

Tea time is the perfect time for some of the best gin cocktails. An Earl Gray Gin Cocktail infused with lavender syrup pairs perfectly with tea sandwiches and desserts. You can pop into The Lampery for an elegant afternoon tea and enjoy Barentsz Gin and green-tea cured salmon. They also have created bespoke cocktails such as the Orange Moll, a delicious cocktail with Contreau, Marmalade, and Amaretto & Apricot liquor infusion.

15. Where can I buy Barentsz Gin?

You can purchase our Handcrafted Gin online from Harvey Nichols, Amazon, Master of Malt and many others. For the newest arrivals you can buy directly on our site if you want to purchase our miniatures, cases, assortments ,or our speciality glassware.

16. What does muddling do?

You may notice that many gin cocktails require or recommend muddling of ingredients. This refers to a bartender’s tool that mashes fruits, herbs, and spices, similar to a pestle. This helps to open up the flavours and extract the essence. Pro Tip: Don’t smash, be gentle and caress to release the essential oils or extract the juice.

17. What restaurants serve Barentsz Gin cocktails?

We are honoured to be featured at top London restaurants and bars. For a business meeting enjoy the exclusive Blake’s Hotel. The Brasserie of Light, with its 24 foot crystal Pegasus will surely delight as you sip our Handcrafted Gin. Looking for something with an edge check out Chotto Matte a Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant. Order the Jasmine Fantasy, a delightful gin cocktail with St Germain Elderflower, Aperol, tonic water, and pink grapefruit. Check out our Facebook page and news to find out where you can spot our Pioneering Spirit next!

18. Does Gin make a nice gift?

Absolutely. Our luxury gin makes a lovely gift for family and friends. For Christmas our Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin is a huge hit. You can buy a bottle, a case, or miniatures in Harrods or online.

19. Who was Willem Barentsz?

An adventurer, an explorer, and hero who bravely took to the Sea to uncover the Northeastern Passage to China. The Dutchmen had quite an exciting life. His tenacity brought him face-to-face with an angry polar bear as well as other hair- raising tales. It is the Pioneering Spirit and Dutch heritage that has inspired our Handcrafted Gin from the exotic botanicals to the commitment to boldly go wherever gins have not.

20. Can I drink Gin neat?

Yes and no. A low quality gin will be bitter and unpleasant but Barentsz Gin has been carefully distilled in small batches for a premium smooth flavour and finish that “is so smooth you can drink it straight” (Metro) We recommend some ice and a twist of orange.

Have more questions? We would love to hear from you, drop us a line on one of our social media channels or on our live chat available on our site.