easyJet Traveller: Where To Find Europe’s Best Gin And Tonic

Is there anything better than travelling Europe and scoping out the best bars and eateries. easyJet recently featured our founder, Michael Claessens offered a few of his tried and true tricks to sourcing the best G&T on the go.

Scandinavia is a great place to find the perfect eats as smoked salmon and other Scandi cuisine to pair with a G&T. Source your places through the locals not through your smart device. They will lead you to the best spots often off the beaten path. 

Other favourite spots include the Mykonos Islands and Milan both known for their fresh seafood, beautiful outdoor restaurants and bars. The cuisine pairs nicely with Barentsz Gin which you can bring on your travels just in case they don’t have it there. 

A house party is another fabulous way to introduce a classic British beverage like Gin & Tonic to your global guests. Create an exploratory experience featuring the various regions of our botanicals from China for exoic Jasmine and Macedonia for a kick of coriander, a party featuring the exciting flavours of Willem Barentsz. For the perfect G&T try Barentsz Gin and Fever Tree Tonic available at our online store.

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