The Jasmine Adventure at The Drunken Monkey

Traditionally, the Jasmine flower is celebrated in China for its distinctive fragrance, lucky symbolism, harmony and the definition of beauty. Historically enjoyed in tea and now rediscovered for a new generation with Willem Barentsz gin in an elegantly floral spirit with a delicate aftertaste that instantly transports senses to the Far East.

Gin may not be your first guess when wondering what cocktails pair nicely with Asian cuisine, but our gin is truly a chameleon with its Exotic Jasmine and other global botanicals. It lends itself perfectly to rich savoury dishes and light fluffy concoctions. The Drunken Monkey, a popular dim sum eatery and cocktail bar is the perfect place to meet and mix east and west. 

For Chinese New Year, a colorful and extravagant celebration, The Drunken Monkey has teamed up with Willem Barentsz and created the perfect fusion cocktails sure to start your year and night off with a bang! Join us for The Jasmine Adventure of a lifetime!

Take a peek at these exciting drinks.

JASMINE FIZZ, a burst of Eastern sunshine on a winter’s day with the subtle notes of Jasmine complemented by the sharper citrus notes. 

  • For a New Year’s firework in a glass, pay homage to the Fire Rooster with the FLAMING ROOSTER, a spicy ginger rocket of a cocktail.
  • Combining delicate flavours of peach, violet and Jasmine, each delicious GOLDEN FLOWER is served with an exclusive Willem Barentsz Chinese red lucky envelope hiding a special New Year’s treat.

Order one or all of these delightful cocktails as you cosy up to a plateful of Drunken Monkey delights. 

Start your evening off with the Jasmine Fizz, the floral and citrus notes will cleanse and awaken your palate. If you are looking for perfect pairings we love the Flaming Rooster a long side chili salt fried tofu or special drunken rice and spicy chilis. Then finish with a Golden Flower and Malaysian Steamed Sponge Cake for a truly romantic encounter. Pop in for New Year or any other night for an adventure of your own! 

(The Drunken Monkey is located conveniently @ 222 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6PJ)

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