Mayfair Times Names Barentsz Gin – The Perfect Elixir to Pop In Your Stocking

If you are feeling a little ho-hum about the holiday season here is something that should perk you right up. Mayfair Times is naming Barentsz Gin “the ultimate gin for Christmas”. Which gin are  they most excited about, our mandarin & jasmine of course!

This citrus ties in perfectly with all of your favourite holiday treats from rich charcuterie plates to decadent chocolate mousse, our smooth mandarin and floral notes will have you singing carols. We distill our spirits in small batches to ensure a smooth and superior taste. As mentioned by the piece in Mayfair Times, the mandarin, which we bring from China, is an auspicious fruit representing good fortune in Chinese culture. 

If you have a long list of family and friends expecting a fabulous gift from you this Christmas, don’t fret, our Mandarin and Jasmine Gin will bring you all the luck you need. 

Here are a few fun gift ideas that make for lovely (and easy) stocking stuffers:

You can purchase a box of our handcrafted Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin in 15 beautifully branded miniatures. When your loved one unwraps these orange gems don’t be surprised if you hear a squeal of delight.

If you have a few traditional old sports, get them to crack a smile with one of our signature blue bottles. We offer a lovely set of premium Fever Tree Light Tonics and our Original Barentsz Gin with Jasmine notes perfect for a holiday of G&T.

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