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Gift Ideas

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Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift, but can’t be bothered to shop all over. Our premium Willem Barentsz Exotic Jasmine Gin and our flavoured Mandarin & Jasmine Gin make fabulous gifts. On this page, you will find fabulous gin gifts for everyone.

1. For Your Boss

Buying a present for someone you don’t know well and want to impress can be exhausting. That is why a bottle of gin and elegant glassware makes a perfect gift. You can choose from our beautiful blue glass & 2 Copa Glasses or one of our luxury assortments that features a bottle of our craft gin and six Fever Tree Indian Tonics.

Don’t forget your colleagues. Our box of miniatures in our speciality flavoured Mandarin & Jasmine gin make perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays.

2. Elegant Party Gifts for Guests

Throwing a party can be exciting and exhausting. Between hiring a caterer and party planner or doing it all yourself, party gifts are often the last thought. Our boxes of 15 miniatures make lovely parting presents that are sure to impress. Add some complementary orange-flavoured chocolates, or get creative and write a cocktail recipe on a tag and adorn each miniature.

3. Wedding Gifts and Baby Showers

These days everyone has a registry making gift-getting easy but perhaps less personal. For your special someone, add a little surprise in a bag with some gin gifts that are sure to please.

Your best friend may not be able to drink yet, but once her little bundle is born she will be sure to appreciate a cocktail in a bag to celebrate.

Put together a beautiful gift box for the happy bride for an elevated hen party. Our Copa Set of 6 Glasses will be perfect for the couples new home and a bottle of our Exotic Jasmine and Mandarin & Jasmine Barentsz Gin will give them plenty of wonderful cocktails for future celebrations.

You can order any and all of these gift sets on our online store or go to any one of our stockists for easy pick-up or online shopping as well.


Here are some FAQs we have received from our patrons in regards to gin gifts:

1. Where can I purchase Barentsz Gin in person?

Stop into Harrod’s to purchase our Handcrafted Gin. They currently offer our original blend of Golden Rye and Winter Wheat, smooth enough you can enjoy it neat.

2. Which gin would make a good Christmas gift?

We have recently released a Mandarin & Jasmine Handcrafted Gin that is perfect for the holidays. Get a case to give to all your friends or you can get our miniatures (15 come in a gift box) for a perfect stocking stuffer!

3. Is Barentsz Gin good for people that are gluten-free?

Yes, our distillation process ensures the gluten is no longer present. Still, it is always recommended that people with severe Coeliac, speak with their GP before they imbibe.

4. I am having an afternoon tea with cocktails, is there a good gift I can give that would suit?

What a fabulous idea. Yes, our gins many floral and aromatic botanicals make it a perfect match to many food items. For a tea party, we would suggest an Earl Gray and Lavender Scone with our Handcrafted Gin Original of Exotic Jasmine. For a cocktail idea, try our Scarlet & Purple. This cocktail features our craft gin, Lillet Blanc, Lavender Syrup, Lime and Lychee juice. Its lovely lavender colour looks lovely with a sprig of lavender for an aromatic and beautiful garnish.

5. What makes Willem Barentsz Gin unique?

Our Handcrafted Gin is pot distilled in small batches ensuring a smooth finish. Our botanicals have been sourced from around the globe for the highest quality ingredients. Our Spirit Foundation of Winter Wheat and Golden Rye so there no bitterness. We are also proud that our Gin has no artificial sweeteners or flavours, making it 100% natural.

6. I want to gift my friend a bottle of your gin and create some cocktail recipes for him, do you have Barentsz speciality cocktails?

We do indeed, smashing gift idea. Here are a few of our favourites with 3 ingredients or less: Elderflower Gin Fizz, 55ml of our premium Barentsz Gin with Exotic Jasmine, 30ml Elderflower Liqueur, 30ml lemon juice and some prosecco. Pour into a champagne flute and garnish with lemon swirls. For something without the bubble, a Gin Basil Smash is perfect. Exotic Jasmine Gin, add lemon juice, simple syrup, and muddled basil leaves. Shake and double strain. For the garnish, a basil sprig does the trick.

7. Every year my company does a Secret Santa gift, what is a good gift I can bring that is sure to please?

Our Miniatures are always a big hit. They are perfect for gift bags or a box. They come with 15 bottles so you can give them out to as many people as you like. If you prefer a larger bottle, our Mandarin & Jasmine Gin Bottle makes a lovely Christmas gift. The citrus notes and floral combination are perfect for the holidays and the bottle looks beautiful with its radiant orange tone.

8. I love to DIY my gifts, any suggestion on how I can incorporate your gin?

What fun and so on-trend. You can make a “cocktail in a tin”. Simply purchase an attractive tin and add 1 or more bottles of our Handcrafted Gin. Then add cocktail recipes and include the bitters, herbs, and garnishes required to create the cocktail. Your friends will love it!

9. What botanicals are used in your gin?

Like our namesake, we have explored the world to find the best ingredients. Our 9 magical botanicals hail from as far east as China, through Western and Eastern Europe. Jasmine, Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander Seeds, Almonds, Liquorice, Angelica Root, Cassia Bark, and Orris Root will take you on an unforgettable flavour adventure.

10. I would like to impress my boss but stay within budget, is Barentsz affordable?

Although we offer Premium Award-Winning Gin, we are proud that our brand is affordable. A great present for the boss is a bottle of our Jasmine Gin with 6 Fever Tree Tonics. For only £45.00 it makes an impressive gift at a doable price.

11. I am throwing my sister a hen party – are there gin gifts that will keep the girls happy?

Yes! Our Mandarin & Jasmine Gin Miniatures are a huge hit and come 15 to a box set. Put these in a bag for each girl or display with chocolate and other treats in your hotel suite. If the girls fancy a G&T, gift our Exotic Jasmine Barentsz Gin with Fever Tree Indian Tonic.

12. My dad loves gin, is there a nice bar we can take him for his upcoming birthday that serves Barentsz Gin?

Barentsz Gin is served at many lovely venues in London. Blake’s Hotel has a charming bar with classic gentlemen’s club decor and skilled bartenders. For dinner and drinks, Chiltern Firehouse is impeccable. A Michlin-Starred Chef who features a fusion of American and European Cuisine will pair nicely with any of our Barentsz Gin cocktails.

13. My mum’s friends are throwing her a surprise birthday and she has a sweet tooth and likes a nice cocktail -what pairs well with Barentsz Gin?

That’s lovely. A trifle is a beautiful dessert and quite easy to put together. The different layers of cream, fruits, citrus and mint are a smash with our Handcrafted Gin. If your mum prefers a pastry, G&T tarts are divine. These are made with a tangy Gin, lemon and tonic syrup flavour that is scrumptious. Feature our Mandarin & Jasmine Gin Cocktails to play up these bright flavours.

14. My flatmate and I are putting together a food and wine tasting with a spin and would like to feature cocktails, what can you recommend?

Classic G&T’s or our Mandarin & Jasmine Barentsz Gin, pair well with smoked salmon, strong cheeses, and spicy treats like Shrimp and Pork Dumplings. For a sweet treat, spiced chocolate, Mandarin Gin cocktails go nicely with small lemon tarts or Macarons.

15. My wedding is fast approaching and I would like to have some fun summer cocktails that look pretty and elegant, what should we offer?

We love a Hibiscus Gin Sour, the floral Hibiscus not only looks beautiful but its pairs perfectly with our Exotic Jasmine Barentsz Gin. The Bees Knees is a classic. This pretty golden drink features fresh lemon juice, honey, water, and gin. This can be made in large batches for fast service. For a twist, use our Mandarin Gin. Rose Water makes an elegant cocktail choice. Add a twist of lemon, and incorporate your wedding florals for a glamour shot. If your wedding is at night, our signature Negroni makes the perfect Aperitif.

16. What is the right glassware for a cocktail with gin?

This highly depends on the ingredients in your cocktail. For example, martini’s are served in a martini glass or our signature Copa glassware. A negroni should always be served in negroni glassware with its sturdy structure its perfect for cocktails on the rocks. Use a tall highball glass to show off summer cocktails to let all the herbs and fruits breathe in the glass.

17. I would like to take my partner to a special place for Valentine’s Day. She adores Barentsz Gin cocktails, where can I take her for a big “wow”?

We were thrilled to be featured at the Bun House this trendy spot features delicious food and a bespoke cocktail they created called the Dragon Eye and Jasmine Milk Tea. These were paired with rose-shaped purple yam buns dipped in rich chocolate.

18. Our company is throwing a New Year’s Party and I am in charge of the event?

Any cocktail and food ideas? French 75 is a must. With Barentsz Exotic Jasmine Gin, squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and champagne. Jasmine Fizz with just the right bubble and pretty fluffed egg white on top this also makes a great New Year’s celebratory cocktail.

19. I am planning a stag party for my mates who love their gin, any ideas on where we can go?

Hit up the cool Graphic Bar (we presented a great Treasure Hunt there), a super trendy SoHo bar in London. It features a great media hub, weekend DJs and some great eats perfect for sharing and gin beverages.

20. Every year my boss takes us out for World Gin Day ( I know she’s great), is there a place we can go that features Barentsz Gin?

Impressive! We created a special Jasmin Trail treasure hunt for World Gin Day filled with our pioneering spirit. The bars who partook ar some of THE top gin bars in London. TT Liquor, The Distillery, Graphic Bar, and 214 Bermondsey. Ask for the following cocktails at each (in order) The Groglet, Gunpowder Sour, Jasmine Trail G&T, Silver Needle and Jasmine Collins.

Have more questions? We would love to hear from you, drop us a line on one of our social media channels or on our live chat available on our site.