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Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin 70cl

(20 customer reviews)


Bottle Size:  70cl
ABV:                40%

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Barentsz Gin is proud to present our second pioneering spirit; a distinctively smooth, fragrant and fresh gin. In honour of Dutch Arctic explorer, Willem Barentsz, our jasmine and mandarin botanicals are inspired by his quest for a Northeastern trading route to China by way of the sea.

Distilled in small batches in London, our latest gin is delicately infused with natural mandarin peel and exotic jasmine flowers for a distinctively smooth and fresh taste.

The creamy texture of the rye provides a longer, rounded finish, whilst wheat adds complexity and brings out sweeter notes, which complement the fresh taste of natural mandarin peel and signature exotic jasmine flowers.

20 reviews for Barentsz Mandarin & Jasmine Gin 70cl

  1. Marta Michetti

    Super smooth with an incredible taste! I recommend this gin

  2. Nicholas Zafiriou

    Never was a gin lover, Barentsz changed the game.

  3. Franco

    If you haven’t try Barentsz new flavour yet, you don’t know what you are missing. An Exceptional, uniquely fresh and Smooth flavor with a sexy well-designed bottle. One of my favourite gin

  4. Clair

    Lovely smooth gin, and I am not normally a gin drinker

  5. gaynor brunt

    A great gin that is a cut above the rest, smooth, full flavour and easy drinking.

  6. Andrea Mercorio

    Best gin in the world

  7. Angelica Villa

    I recently tried this gin and I’ve loved it… Probably one of the best gin I’ve ever tried! I absolutely recommend it

  8. Umberto Suraci

    Great taste and really fresh, for gentleman only

  9. Faisal H

    Refreshing gin with a very smooth taste. Currently best gin on the market.

  10. Andrea Mercorio

    Amazing taste! In My opinion best gin you can try!

  11. Alex Farhani

    Such a fresh tasting gin and really easy to drink. I usually have my gin with Tonic but this was amazing on the rocks as well as with a mixer. Definitely going to stock up for the festive season!

  12. Carl-Johan Clemedtson

    Very smooth and fresh taste, works just as well on the rocks as with tonic

  13. Margherita

    Best gin I ever tried! Super smooth with an incredible taste, I absolutely reccomend it!

  14. Cesare Cerboni

    Very smooth, very tasty. Perfect also to be drinked alone

  15. Amanda

    The mandarin taste complements the jasmine botanicals beautifully. Smooth enough to drink neat.

  16. Gabrielle

    A fantastically well balanced gin, have my vodka drinking friends all converted because it really is that delicious and smooth. Beautiful in a dry martini 60:10 or a french 75.

  17. Laura

    The smoothest gin I’ve ever tasted!

  18. Catherine Ewart Smith

    The mandarin and jasmine work really well together and combine to create a fabulously smooth gin.

  19. Sam Watson

    This is the smoothest gin I have ever tried. Drink it on the rocks with a twist of orange !
    Love it!!

  20. Rosie

    The mandarin adds a new and exciting dimension to the original Barentsz Gin that I already love. Smooth enough to drink neat and I love the stylish gift pack.

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